This past June, returning to the Florentine childrenswear trade fair, Chicco presented a new line of customisable shoes. A funCHICCO play of fashion that does not miss out on conquering the brand’s littlest fans.

This line of sneakers is in fact fitted with fun-filled emoticon-patches: a smiley another emoticon that winks, and yet another that grimaces. Depending on the choice, a clear message can be sent to whoever might be around: I’m happy, I’m joking, and ouch, that hurts!

Together with the sneakers is also an extremely trendy line of glittery sandals that can be personalised through masks that can be applied to the front of the shoe with writings like “rock” or with cute little kitten faces.

By playing around with the patches provided, the most suitable look can be chosen to create a unique and one-of-a-kind style!