“My equipment was in a shoebox: scissors, a pliers for holes and some awls. I didn’t know leather, I didn’t know fashion and no one who did this job, but I had a desire to create new solutions and experiment”, says Marco Campomaggi, who since 1983, has been creating objects designed to last, to tell something unique and personal. With this season, the brand continues its path of experimentation and presents a proposal of accessories with an increasingly innovative approach. Among the most representative women’s lines of the season we find the Dalia line, whose focus converges on lacing through leather ribbons and eyelets, a line with strong connotations and a rock soul. The Bella di Notte line, characterized by rock pop style, is enriched by a new decoration combining studs and rhinestones. Also rich in studs is the Amethyst line, which consists instead of iconic models that are illuminated by a composition of half-sphere studs that varies according to the model.