Bulk is, in fact, the first platform in the world that allows the purchase and sale of trainers in bulk: fast and intuitive, it allows for easy and quick replenishment of one’s own shop without worrying about the possible counterfeiting of the article, which is checked in every detail to guarantee its originality. Two different and distinct sectors are available on Bulk: the B2C, linked to the sale of a single pair aimed mainly at the end customer, and the B2B, linked to all retailers who deal with or intend to start marketing products with a high demand and low availability on the market.

Let us recall that in 2021 the trainer market came to represent 18% of the global footwear turnover, a growth that has contributed to the birth of the resell phenomenon, generating additional revenues on hard-to-find models: 106 billion euro is the value of the global sneaker market forecast for 2027, of which 30 billion euro is attributed to the reseller.