Created in 2017 by Mario Innocente as an experiment in the fashion sector with an own footwear line, the start-up grew immediately, also in terms of visibility, thanks to the constant work of the entrepreneur, in particular on Linkedin, which within one year allowed him to achieve a good interaction and engagement level with his followers who are now over 10,000.

The idea behind the project is simple: using digital as a communication strategy lever and as a platform to give life to your business model, minimising costs and bringing buyers and retailers as close as possible.

Encouraged by the initial success, Innocente therefore decided to expand the offer to other sectors in addition to fashion such as wellness and to promote an online platform that would allow buyers and retailers to dialogue, shortening the supply chain and adopting a discount scale connected to the volumes of orders that are always and only managed on demand. No more discount percentages based on quantities or conditioned by the purchase of other items, but a discount based on the willingness of buyers or retailers to promote the brand and products through their store and their own communication channels. The more shopkeepers are willing to promote and propose the brand, the greater the discount they will receive, as well as a series of advantages over time, on reorders or special requests.