Tailored like a sartorial suit, as exclusive as a one-of-a-kind piece can be, as authentic as every woman: the “Mini Me Bag” by A5o4 is a declaration of independence.

Small and compact, designed to hold all the essentials, the geometric base with flap closure combines an infinity of possibilities that make each bag unique. From the choice of materials to the colors, from the double adjustable handle to the removable shoulder strap, the ‘Mini me bag’ is the blank canvas on which to paint one’s identity, an accessory that speaks of the wearer, expressing their authenticity.

Entirely handmade by Neapolitan artisans, it encapsulates the exclusivity of a unique piece. Impossible to find two identical ones: each bag is a unique piece, the result of a production process of the highest quality, relying only on brushed or tasseled, hand-tanned, strictly vegetable-tanned leathers.