One of the key factors for the competitiveness of the European footwear sector is technological innovation, which translates into the development of new discoveries and new materials, processes and products that support its growth and improve the quality of life of its consumers at the same time. Just like in any other area dedicated to research, also in footwear the regular exchange of information between specialists can orient the path of research and innovation. The research and technology platform will do precisely this: consolidate the networked groups of researchers, promote the culture of interaction in Europe and innovation capacities, new business models and other key competitive factors for the European footwear sector.
The members of the technology platform are: CTC (France), CTCP (Portugal), CTCR (Spain), the Footwear Research Centre of Tomas Bata University (Czechoslovakia), INESCOP (Spain), PFI Pirmasens (Germany), Lukasiewicz-IPS Institute of Leather Industry (Poland) and SATRA (UK). Together, they are committed to developing a research agenda and organising thematic working groups on topics such as advanced materials, innovative design solutions, better fit and comfort, smart technologies and a more sustainable and circular product lifecycle.
The network will work with the support and coordination of CEC with the aim of creating a new generation of high-value, distinctly European footwear products for every consumer to enjoy.
The initiative is open to other industry-related technology and research centres, which are welcome to apply by contacting CEC.