Zero waste for Ecoalf footwearAn innovative product with a special connection to the sea that guarantees comfort and, most importantly, sustainable design solutions.

Jul 30, 2018

bottles_inspiration_fabrics_ecoalf_thailand_upcycling_oceans_sustainable_brand_fashion_recycledOne of the most innovative products launched in recent seasons is the ZERO WASTE sneaker by ECOALF, where the ethos and criteria of eco-design have been the guiding thread of the entire project since its inception. And the thread that binds Ecoalf to the sea is even stronger in this new sneaker where everything revolves around the sea.

In fact, the materials – or, more precisely, the use of a unique material on the upper – is made from a special, 100% recycled fabric, created from recycled, plastic PET bottles that have been recovered from the bottom of the Mediterranean sea, thanks to the ‘Progetto Upcycling the Oceans’ project developed by the Ecoalf Foundation. Furthermore, the upper is made from just one piece of material, which means the assembly process is both shorter and also waste-free.


In addition, the model doesn’t require any ties or lacers and doesn’t come with a label, because the logo is printed directly onto the exterior of the shoe.

This means it’s a product that focuses purely on the essentials, leaving aside any element that doesn’t have a functional purpose. Meanwhile, comfort is guaranteed by the joined insole and outer sole which is made entirely from seaweed.

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