WOOPY, happiness at your feetWell-being starts at an early age, with special attention paid to the feet of children, in order to guarantee comfort and the correct development and health of the feet.

Dec 18, 2018
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WOOPY knows this and for this reason, it combines research on fashion trends, always lively and colourful, with constant attentiveness to the health and comfort of growing feet. Meticulous care that is based on the long-time experience of the WOOPY brand’s holding company: Ozdemir Orthopedic Kids Shoes. The Turkish company that has been producing children’s footwear since 1974 has developed great expertise over time, with its main strengths including research on new fashion trends in combination with orthopaedic studies. Characteristics that are translated into products that are always upbeat and lively, and made using high quality materials, artisanal know-how, as well as respect for the anatomy of the foot and its well-being and health.

The markets on which the WOOPY brand is present are Russia, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Greece, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Moldavia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cairo, Azerbaijan…. But the destinations continue to grow, as WOOPY slowly conquers new fans around the world.

WOOPY: its collections interpret the most cutting-edge trends with exquisite manufacturing, and a comfort and well-being that immediately bring joy to the feet.

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