At Venethica, shoes that walk but do not “trample on”The start-up, specialised in sports footwear with low environmental impact, is enjoying great success in Italy as well as abroad, with hand-crafted products and the search for raw materials that respect the environment and people’s wellbeing.

Jul 27, 2018

The Cooperativa Venethica after preserving the know-how, machinery and workers of a artisanal shoe factory at risk of closure, have been making the same name totally eco-compatible shoe since 2016. Manufactured according to the traditional manufacturing rules, but with high quality standards, shoes are increasingly an excellence of the Made in Italy. Made entirely by hand, they also guarantee excellent durability and high wear resistance. This original production, which in the last few months conquered even Europe, includes also Cima12 trekking shoes, ideal for walks in the mountainous hilly territory, the innovative Venethica line, whose upper comes from recycled and decoupled fire hoses, and also the novelty Ethica, a shoe with a certified biodegradable sole, with a tread wear warranty of 10 years, which is activated only when inserted in a composting context, where it is expected to decompose in 550 days. The body of the shoe is made from natural fabric, the inside from cotton and the back gusset from recycled microfibre, which originates from the plastic bottles.

Together with the Cooperativa NOI and the Pastificio Veneto, Venethica is part of the organization NOI Group, and was created to raise awareness on several perspectives: social labour, hiring people at unemployment risk, territorial wealth, preserving the know-how, machinery and the production of a shoe factory destined to closure, environmental with clear messages of eco-sustainability in a shoe-fashion made according to the traditional manufacturing rules, with high quality standards and destined to last over time.


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