Tuscan tradition and exotic materialsThe Dami brand represents the true Italian shoe tradition where the models in the collection are timeless classics, constructed with care and attention.

Sep 12, 2018
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immagine-company-1The project of the Dami family began in 1996 to complete a path that has made it a protagonist in the footwear world for several generations, in particular in the field of footwear components and leather.

Dami represents the characteristic union between the Italian tradition of handcrafted shoes and the exotic charm of a product made exclusively with the finest crocodile and alligator skins coming from Australia and Africa.

Shoes (for men and women), bags, belts, purses, and other accessories are all made by hand using traditional methods, the same that have made Tuscany the home of art, creativity and quality.


The shoes are made using carefully selected crocodile and alligator hides subjected to exclusive tanning processes that differ according to the type of model to be made.

Careful attention to detail and stylistic research make the shoes unique.

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