The Ebarrito sneaker-manifesto

Ebarrito, the Made in Italy brand of accessories that made recycled leathers and an exclusive spirit its very own trademark, proposes a new sneakers collection that is a bona fide manifesto of its philosophy “re-thinking fashion”.

Apr 06, 2018
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The true protagonist of the new Ebarrito sneaker collection is MRS Tombourine: an explosive mix of colours, textures, and the shape typical of sneakers from the 70’s. A winning mix that characterises an original and one-of-a-kind shoe, which capably takes a leap back into the past, while proposing the ever-present cosmopolitan spirit of Ebebarrito-copertinaarrito.

A must-have of the season, MRS Tombourine is a classic lace-up with a rock spirit, made from pieces of leather assembled with great skill, style and Italian craft workmanship.


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