Sneaker passion ready to take over MicamPLUG-MI is the new original format developed by Fandango Club and aimed at Millennials, which will bring the culture of sneakers to Micam in 2019.

Aug 27, 2018
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Following the example of overseas sneaker conventions, PLUG-MI will combine its exhibition of products and games with experiences and musical events, allowing its public of fans to find new ways to share in a powerful moment of social aggregation, while at the same time gleaning a greater understanding of a vast social and commercial phenomenon.

Sneaker fashion cannot be defined as niche: in fact, in 2018, in Italy alone, 26.9 million pairs were purchased for a value equal to 1.245,4 billion euros in retail sales. Moreover, it is estimated that the global market of sneakers will be worth 115.6 billion dollars in 2023.


MICAM is the most important international exhibition event dedicated to footwear. The event, organized and sponsored by Assocalzaturifici, takes place […]

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