Ruco Line celebrates 30 yearsA capsule collection is presented on the occassion of the "30th Anniversary"

Oct 04, 2017
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Ruco Line, the brand of sporty-glam footwear turns 30 and celebrates this important milestone with its “30th Anniversary” capsule collection. Founded in 1987 by Marco Santucci, Ruco Line wrote the history of sneakers by taking them from their sporty concept and fully introducing them into the world of fashion. A rebalancing that made history and was subsequently imitated: today, the sneakers with a heel invented by the Italian brand have become a popular model and the boxed rubber sole that was on the verge of extinction is trendier than ever before.


The Ruco Line anniversary collection proposes nine leather models with Swarovski studs, metalized lettering details, and a special label that celebrates the first thirty years of the brand.

Produced by the brand’s factory in Mugnano in the province of Perugia, the new capsule collection is “pop, rock and elegant, – declares Marco Santucci – and accordingly suitable to every kind of mood”. Thus, the DNA of the brand, which “combines comfort with fashion and glam highlights, thanks to meticulous and attentive research into materials, like lamé, lace, or fabrics with sequins and glitter” is respected.

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