Reef Escape, the biodegradable rubber sandalWith this 100% PVC-free model, a material known for its toxicity during the production, use and disposal phases, the Californian brand revolutionises the market of rubber flip-flops.

Jul 27, 2018

reef_escape_00006_lowReef was founded in 1984 by the intuition of two Argentine brothers united by their unconditional love for the sea and beach life. For this passion, they created a high quality flip-flop designed to withstand the dynamic life on the sand.The brand meanwhile moved to California, and now proposes the Escape line, the new flip-flops that love the environment as much as those who wear them. In fact, from 2018 every new model in the Escape collection is made in partnership with Eco-One Enhance Biodegradability: thanks to the use of innovative chemical and biological additives in the manufacturing phase, the biodegradation time of the materials is reduced to just a few years.

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