Pollini and Mazda: style iconsMazda MX-5 Limited Edition in partnership with Pollini Heritage renew their patnership and unveil their second fascinating cooperation during the Fashion Week

Jul 25, 2018
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Pollini’s style and craftsmanship blend with the Mazda design and technology. The roadster, made in a very limited edition, as well as having unique accessories, is equipped with an exclusive kit signed by Pollini Heritage, consisting of two travel bags and two necessaires with profiles to match the car and a pair of coordinated sneakers. All this characterised by the limited edition badge.


The Pollini Heritage monogram print makes the interior unique and special, covering the sun visors, the door panels and the glove compartment cover in the central tunnel. This special edition, developed on the basis of the Exceed set-up with a 1.5l-131 hp engine and 6-speed manual transmission, includes only three available models, with a numbered badge on the dashboard, made in three different colours: Soul Red, Crystal Ceramic and Jet Black.

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