Pitillos: comfortable experienceSince 1981, Pitillos has been dressing the feet of the most demanding women and men, combining style with attention to comfort, thanks to skilled craft workmanship and state-of-the-art technology. We interviewed Silvia Hernández in order to retrace with her the most important milestones in the company’s growth, while also considering its future goals.

Jan 08, 2018
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The Spanish brand, which does not betray its origins and ties to the city of Arnedo (known as the Iberian ‘capital of footwear’), has capably set into motion a process of opening up to and expanding in new European and international markets, by also participating in important events of worldwide reference like the Micam.

Which characteristics make your products stand out the most on the panorama of sector goods?

All our products reply first and foremost to the need to feel at ease, without having to leave behind the latest fashion trends. This is thanks to the long-time experience of 36-plus years that we can boast of in the footwear industry, which allows us to offer a wide variety of qualitatively superior products. Our ‘mission’ is to create the ‘perfect shoe’, or rather a product made-to-measure for the feet of the wearer, which is also elegant and rich in style and personality at the same time. We want to create ‘real’ shoes for real people, and not shoes, like we often see in those advertised by the media, that were conceived for walking not more than 200 metres, without any suitability for day-to-day life. Each foot is different from the next and each person has their own needs, like, for example, the need to wear high heels for many hours both in and out of the office. Our mission accordingly becomes that of offering maximum comfort in the entire range of our products, without having to overlook the latest fashion trends. Another element that makes us stand out is the excellent quality/price ratio, since our footwear is made using only the finest materials, which for the most part includes high quality Spanish and Italian leathers.

What kind of consumer wears Pitillos footwear?

Our shoes are designed for women and men of all ages, since our clientele encompasses the entire market range, with one or more requirements, and differing interests in styles and market trends. Certainly, our product is very popular among women aged 35 to 55 years old, since comfort is the reigning quality of the brand. In general, our brand is aimed at a loyal customer base with a wide range of diversified needs, who are in search of practical and comfortable footwear made not only from high quality materials, but which also manage to keep pace with the evolution of fashion.

Pitillos has been present for a number of years on the international panorama: which are your main markets of reference?

Pitillos has confirmed itself as one of the brands of reference in the footwear industry for men and women in not only Spain, but also abroad, and this is thanks to the product, which is capable of offering a competitive price and high quality, with attention to comfort. Among the foreign markets where we are most known are included Russia and Mexico, for example, where our product is in high demand, notwithstanding the fact that it has only been present for a few years. Naturally, when approaching a new market it is important to undertake specific strategies of penetration that also consider eventual competitors, but once the chosen distribution channel has proven itself successful, our footwear steps in and wins over customer loyalty! Usually we work with local distributors, and in Europe, we also have sales agents. Our short-term goals are those of reinforcing the brand in markets where we are already present, while moving forward with our penetration of all European markets.

In which sector fairs do you participate and how important are they for the growth of the brand?

Historically, our brand has participated in all the editions of MICAM in Milan, but over the course of 2017, we also took part in various fairs, including Shoes From Spain (Tokyo, Japan), Spain Fashion Shoes & Accessories Exhibition (Seoul, South Korea) and Poznan Fashion Fair (Poznan, Poland). Our participation in international fairs helps us to reinforce our brand image and strengthen our presence in European and non-European markets, in conjunction with communication and marketing initiatives undertaken through traditional and digital media.

What are the main characteristics of the new Pitillos collection?

For this new winter season, we once again propose natural materials and top-of-the-line leathers, including Italian leathers, patent leather, suede leather and suede with combined textures, which have been selected by master artisans with multiple years of experience behind them. Among the women’s proposals, we find a return to classics, which have been renewed however in their finishes and styles, with platform boots, lace footwear, as well as sportier models like moccasins and closed shoes with rubber soles. For men, we instead find a collection of leather and suede boots, along with proposals that renew classic lace-up models, which are personalized with a rubber sole and the season’s latest colours: burgundy, brick red, brown, black, navy blue and a variety of finishes that combine different materials.

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