Ortopé: a value of well-being for childrenHappiness, flexibility, lightness, health and comfort:  these are the cornerstones of the Ortopè brand proposal that are renewed in every collection of the Brazilian brand.

Aug 03, 2017
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ortope-2A brand belonging to the Paquetà group, Ortopè makes the most of the 70 years of experience in the footwear industry of its mother company, in order to fine-tune a high quality and innovative proposal that is especially careful of the well-being and comfort of the littlest set.
In fact, it is not by chance that Ortopè chose this name:  orthopaedics are at the heart of the Brazilian brand’s research.  It accordingly motivates the development of patented technologies specifically designed for the correct development of the feet and legs, like the Ortoflex insole, with a gel that ensures greater comfort and flexibility, while also absorbing impacts and evenly distributing weight.  The Legitimate Anatomic Insole, an update of the insole that has been a point of reference for the anatomy since 1963, ensures greater equilibrium, helping children to maintain a correct posture, while also favouring the development of the arch of the foot and providing comfort to the joints.  There are then Ortopè Zero Gravity and Ortopè Confort, which are made with a special dense foam that ensures total comfort.
Another focal point of the Ortopé proposal is the decision to exclusively use genuine leather, a natural material that is soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. The Ortopè line of models ranges from sneakers to boots, and shoes in the most diversified range of colours, with details that emphasize different trends. Among the leading lines of the brand are Ortopé Stretch and Pull, a sneaker line with elastic fastenings; the lines with led in the soles, Ortepé Wheels and Ortopé Color Led; Ortopé Fly Tech, which puts wings on the feet, with uppers in ultralight fabric; and Ortopé Zip Max, which, thanks to a zip located on the base of the sole, allows this dynamic sneaker with wheels to change appearance.
The contents of Ortopè have allowed for the distribution of its shoes in all of Central and South America, as well as in many other countries located along the Mediterranean.

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