Michelin presents Adaptive Sole Unit for Work & SafetyThe new solution studied to adapt the sole to any kind of surface, make safer the ground contact, have full control in every condition at work without sacrificing comfort.

Oct 30, 2017
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Airtox, Garsport and Iturri are the first manufacturers to equip their safety shoes with the new advanced control solution.

The inspiration comes from the revolutionary car tyre Michelin Cross Climate: the rst-ever summer tyre to obtain winter certi cation (3PMSF = 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake). Technically state-of-the-art, the tyre has a high-performance design thanks to V-shaped sculpture, which ensures more adherence on snow and wet grip. These features can be found in the new Michelin Adaptive Sole Unit, which replicates the same V-shaped sculpture of the tyre, ensuring excellent grip and support. The wide grooves facilitate the evacuation of water and other liquids. Massive shoulder sculptures also offer greater stability and control, while design in the arch area improves support and protection. The innovative compound, engineered for Work & safety, adapts to indoor and outdoor workplaces and offers optimal performance in all weather conditions and temperature variations (from -10 ° to + 30 °). Resistance and versatility will be appreciated also considering the SRC certi cation (EN ISO 20344 – EN 13287: 2007). A feature of this sole is the injection or thermoformed EVA core with an elastomer outer layer that is highly perforation-resistant.

From design to compound, the new Michelin proposal offers safety and protection for a reliable, high performance, comfortable and lightweight shoe that promotes optimal self-cleaning as well as improved grip and support. By choosing it, brand partners can count on a product that ensures advanced ground control, matching wear, strength, and versatility. A sole that can be customized by Michelin’s product specialist based on the specific needs of the footwear company.

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