Micam: 67% extremely loyal, 11% new entriesThe statistics of the Micam survey dedicated to exhibitors

Jan 09, 2019
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MICAM inaugural evening “Envy is in the heel” and MICAM Award ceremony

After having done a profile on visitors, the event dedicated to high-end footwear now analyses the selection of exhibiting companies, by focusing its attention on the last six editions. 37% of all exhibitors participated in all six of the last editions, while 67% of the Italian exhibitors at Micam 86 represent the cluster of the “extremely loyal”, having participated in all the previous editions. The Micam 86 new entries instead represent 11%.

The origin of exhibitors is decidedly European (91%): among these countries, Italy is in the lead with 61%, followed by Spain and Portugal. As far as regions are concerned, Marches accounts for 25.5% of the presences, followed by Campania at 21.6%, and Tuscany at 16.2%. Finally, among the exhibitors, producers take the lead (70%) when compared to the 10% of retailers and distributors.

MICAM https://www.themicam.com

MICAM is the most important international exhibition event dedicated to footwear. The event, organized and sponsored by Assocalzaturifici, takes place […]

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