María Valcarce, Director of Sicur, presents the next edition of the fairFrom 20 to 23rd February 2018, Sicur in Madrid is a complete safety fair on all fronts, serving as a bridge between South America and Spain

Jan 09, 2018
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The next edition of Sicur is right around the corner: what are the numbers of this event in terms of square metres, exhibitor product type, countries of origin, estimated visitor turnout and their countries of origin, etc.?  

This year the fair will grow by around 14 – 15 %, with four halls extending across a total surface area of almost 70,000 square metres. Around 1,400 companies will be present between those exhibiting directly and those represented through intermediaries, with an estimated 81% from Spain, and the balance 19% arriving from abroad. As far as visitors are concerned, we expect more than 42,000 industry visitors to attend, thus reconfirming the same levels of the 2016 edition of Sicur.

Generally speaking, Sicur represents the entire world of safety. Nevertheless, we would like to know what the fair’s most important product type is.

With its exhibition offering, the fair represents three important categories: Security, Occupational Risk Prevention, and Fire Prevention and Emergency Response. Traditionally, these three segments are divided up with around 37-38% accounted for by each of the first 2 categories, and 24-25% accounted for by the third category. This year, even if we do not yet have definitive data on hand, we believe that the Occupational Risk Prevention category will increase its presence at the fair, surpassing the segment of Security, even if, in general, the representation of each segment will not be very different from the usual scenario.

The sector of Personal Protection Equipment is probably the most representative for Italian exhibitors at the fair, since many of them are producers of safety footwear. What can you tell us about the Made in Italy presence?

We have the confirmed participation of 16 Italian companies, which have chosen to be direct exhibitors at Sicur. Of these, 11 are specialized in the segment of Occupational Safety and will accordingly propose to the public of operators their offering in terms of equipment and devices for personal protection. Among these companies, six in particular are leading realities of reference in the professional footwear industry, including Cofra, Dike, FTG Safety, Diadora Utility, Giasco and Reposa. The Italian product has always been an extremely attractive and competitive proposal for the Spanish and Latin American markets, contributing to making Sicur an excellent international platform for business. It is a genuine pleasure to host such a reality.

In your opinion, which countries today are the most aware when it comes to the issue of Occupational Safety?

Worldwide, I believe the European Union is one of the areas that gives the greatest weight to occupational risk prevention, insomuch that its importance has evolved with the implementation of regulations that are increasingly strict, in conjunction with a growing cultural awareness that emphasises the health and well-being of workers. Sicur is in line with this trend, expressing it through an increased emphasis on the safety and personal protection sector at the fair, with the intent of further developing it. Moreover, by reinforcing and highlighting this culture of safety, its final aim is to achieve losses equal to zero in tandem with maximum protection.

In your opinion, which trends currently characterise today’s safety footwear and, above all, what will be the trends of the future?

There is an increasingly high level of innovation in the field of technical fabrics, ergonomics, biomechanics, and comfort and design, with the aim of guaranteeing an increasingly high level of resistance and stability in footwear, although many producers are also focused on a safety footwear proposal that is increasingly attractive. In fact, there is an increasing tendency in the industry of safety footwear to combine safety from one end, with creativity and aesthetics from the other end.

Conferences and panel discussions: what importance do they have for your event?  What will be the most important issues addressed at your next edition?

The Sicur Forum – the Sicur programme of conferences – is a fundamental ingredient in the recipe offered up by our event, because it allows us to present seminars of topical interest and information alongside the usual proposals of business and product innovation. At this edition of Sicur, there are many different topics of interest, ranging from the latest regulations to new trends characterising the sector. Among them, for example, will be included the issue of “emotional well-being” and occupational health, with conferences and a series of practical laboratories aimed at those specialised in prevention.

What is the role and level of importance of the New Products Gallery?

The Gallery of new Sicur products is our way of recognising and valuing the innovation achieved by the safety sector, offering a ‘dedicated’ area of great importance to the biggest breakthroughs in terms of machinery and solutions, so that the visitor can have a complete panorama onto state-of-the-art innovations achieved in the sector.

How does Sicur present itself and differ its offering from A+A in Dusseldorf, which is considered another extremely important trade fair dedicated to safety?

Sicur is a complete safety fair; covering all segments dedicated to the protection of goods and people, while presenting a complete overview of the sector: I believe that this is its trademark. Moreover, as far as visitors are concerned, one of Sicur’s strengths is its connection to Latin America, which allows the fair to act as a platform in connecting the two markets located on opposite sides of the Ocean.

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