Maria Cardelli: The energetic and spirited creativity of an artistMaria Cardelli proposes her new summer collection, which is characterised, as always, by a spirited, original and artistic design.

Nov 21, 2017
Posted in: , Shoes on Stage

After spending 15 years working as a footwear and accessories designer in the United States and another five as an artist, exhibiting her works in several galleries in Europe and Australia and making fashion and interior illustrations for many renowned publications (Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times and Architectural Digest, just to name a few), Maria Cardelli decided that it was time to produce her own footwear and leather goods collections.


The fashion accessories line that bears her name expresses her infinite and energetic creativity, combining her skills as a designer and an artist to make spirited and striking models. The inspiration clearly comes from architectural shapes and has its roots in all that belongs to the past. Her love for simple, clean lines (that she uses whenever she makes her exclusive prints on leather and fabrics), guides her models towards a modern, unique and elegant taste. And, obviously, beautiful, in order to catch the eye, but also practical to wear every day.

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