Heitor Klein, thirty years at the service of AbicalçadosAfter many years at the head of the Brazilian footwear association, Heitor Klein stands down as executive president and is succeeded by Haroldo Ferreira.

May 08, 2019
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Heitor Klein

The formal announcement was made during Premio Direçoes this past 25 April, but the succession between the two managers will occur only once bureaucratic formalities have been finalised: until that moment, Haroldo will cover the role of executive director.

The family of Heitor Klein and the entire Abicalçados staff came together to celebrate Mr. Klein and express their affection and admiration for such a lengthy and successful career full of many achievements. A video in tribute to him looked back on some of the most important moments in his career, and Heitor Klein, who was visibly moved, declared: “Here, next to me, are the most important people in my life, my family, and Abicalçados’s staff”.

Haroldo Herreira

Haroldo Ferreira himself declared that “Taking over an organisation that was founded 35 years ago, an organisation respected by all agents of Brazilian society, while representing an important sector for the Brazilian economy, is not only a source of great pride, but also entails great responsibility”. He also expressed his gratitude to his predecessor: “Heitor Klein’s legacy is that of having left behind an organised Abicalçados, with a multidisciplinary team that is strong and in total harmony, valid elements that demonstrate that, in practice, unity is strength”.

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