Globo: beLEAF and other new proposals at Expo Riva SchuhAt Riva del Garda, the Dutch company presented its new Savelli line of women’s sneakers and the innovative beLEAF technology, which conveys the same properties of leathers to leaves.

Jul 01, 2019
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As a protagonist of Expo Riva Schuh for over 30 years, Globo proposed its new summer 2020 collection at the last edition of the event characterised by first-rate leathers and an attention to comfort that does not sacrifice style. At the same time, it presented its first women’s collection under the brand Savelli, which will flank the classic and sporty men’s line. That’s not all: the company with Dutch origins also presented the innovative beLEAF tm technology for the first time, which is the fruit of over twenty years of research by Nova Kaeru, the company specialised in exotic sustainable skins. BeLEAF can be applied to any kind of leaf, even if Alocasia Macrorrhiza, the so-called ‘elephant ear’ leaf that spontaneously grows all over Brazil, was chosen for its launching. The process is entirely organic, allowing footwear and bags to be made from a new, eco-friendly material of rare beauty, a leaf that has the same elastic and tactile properties of skin.

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