Fifty shades of blueThe True Indigo capsule by Ecco captures the nuances of denim

Oct 30, 2017
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The timeless charm of denim is captured in the True Indigo capsule collection by Ecco for the coming SS 2018 season. Sandals, sneakers, moccasins, wedges, and bags with a casual mood are covered in Ecco True Indigo Leather that reproduces the fascinating effect of jeans.

The innovative material developed by Ecco Leather comes out of the Danish-based tanneries of the group, after having undergone a tanning process that skilfully mixes traditional methods with innovative technology. Each leather has a blue nuance and characteristic look, capable of conveying a distinct personality to the wearer of these accessories. A personality, which as it ages, is enriched by unique shades and traits. Just like jeans.

Among the shades of blue proposed in the True Indigo collection are included: the sandal with three straps on a platform in Blue Lagoon; Blue Carmel and Blue Carma for the classic Ecco Soft sneaker; the Blue Moon shade of the Soft hi-cut; Blue Bayou or powder blue for the moccasin; and the Blue Lagoon tone of the Ecco Biom Street sneaker. However, there are also Blue Cama, Bayou and Camel for the Doctor’s Bag and Casper Backpack…


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