Fanga: Signature Goodyear collection, the strength of exclusivityLoyal to the core business of the brand, Fanga proposes for the coming winter season the Signature Goodyear line, a collection of footwear made by expert artisans through time-consuming manual processes.

Mar 05, 2018
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The new models – oxford, moccasin, and double buckle – are more elongated in the toes with an exclusive design achieved through Goodyear manual stitching, thus guaranteeing comfort and flexibility. Among the leathers, we find French calfskin, Mississippi alligator, overturned calfskin, as well as precious and resistant stingray leather and lizard skins with pearling on the scales. Finally, finishes taken from the world of goldsmithry, which allows for the personalization of the heel with a precious metal created ad hoc for each shoe in accordance with customer requirements, complete the collection.


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