Fabi chooses YuonivocalAuthenticity, traceability, and brand loyalty in just one click

Oct 11, 2017
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Presented at theMICAM, the partnership forged between Fabi and Younivocal will allow the luxury brand’s customers to avoid buying counterfeit goods, with the possibility of tracing the product, in a move that will reinforce its rapport with its clientele.

younivocalYounivocal is the digital system based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which activates the relative APP, when the smartphone is brought close to the footwear with the chip inserted inside it. Thus, information on the product, including the verification of its authenticity, will be provided, while also allowing the e-commerce site of the brand to be accessed. It is an excellent way for Fabi to guarantee the authenticity of its products to customers, while also winning over their loyalty, and it is the intentions of the company to soon have this chip inserted in every pair of shoes produced.

Among the different possibilities offered up by the chip is also the possibility of using it as an antitheft device: Fabi could accordingly create black lists of stolen shoes, preventing their eventual resale by alerting the potential buyer, who with just one click, could report it in a completely anonymous way.

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