Epic Women by ZamberlanA new range of hiking shoes, studied by women, for women, has been launched by the famous Italian brand that will be celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2019.

Dec 24, 2018
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Maria Zamberlan, Managing Director of the company and head of the Epic Women project commented:

This year is an important milestone in our history because the Epic Women range has been completely devised, tested and created for the fit, weight, energy, performance and aesthetic needs of women.

ZAMBERLANSince 1929, Zamberlan®, a pioneer in the sector, has been producing footwear for people who have a passion and genuine respect for the mountains. This is why they couldn’t go without a range dedicated to dynamic women. “Without any role models to aspire to, these women were real forerunners, inspiring and setting an example for generations to come. The Epic Women collection pays homage to their talent and teachings”, concludes Maria Zamberlan.

Studied and designed by an almost completely all-female team, the collection cleverly interprets and perfectly unites three fundamental factors:

  • The modern-day needs of mountain and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Artisanal craftmanship and Zamberlan®’s unique construction techniques: the technical specifications of the shoes are purposely built around the shape of a woman’s foot, fit and posture
  • The enterprising spirit of the first female climbers, who challenged the prejudice of the times, making history and paving the way – both in the mountains and in life – for women the world over
Marie GTX® is dedicated to Marie Paradis

ZAMBERLANMarie Paradis was the first woman to reach the summit of Mont Blanc. A waitress at an inn in Chamonix, who was hoping to gain a few more tips, Marie set off without any previous experience in mountaineering. Exhausted, she reached the peak on the 14th July 1808. An incredible 4.810-metre climb, without any training and using only the equipment available at the time. This is how her name went down in history.


Amelia GTX® is dedicated to Amelia Edwards

ZAMBERLANAmelia Edwards’ feat is recorded in her book ‘Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys - a midsummer ramble in the Dolomites’. For the entire summer of 1872, this wealthy and enterprising English woman explored the Dolomites, writing about the local traditions and the people she met, reaching inaccessible peaks and places, venturing across rocky trails and landscapes, driven by her enormous curiosity, unquenchable enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge.


Henriette GTX® is dedicated to Henriette d’Angeville

ZAMBERLANIn 1838, French aristocrat and traveller, Henriette d’Angeville, went against the opinions of the times, forecasts of doom and deeply ingrained prejudice to pursue her irrepressible desire to summit Mont Blanc. In fact, at 44 years of age, she set off, accompanied by six guides and two porters, to tackle the slopes, high altitudes and freezing conditions. Considered insane when she left, she returned safe, well and triumphant after her heroic venture that made her go down in history as the second woman to climb Mont Blanc.


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