Emerging Designers at MICAMAn innovative concept welcomed 12 young designers to Micam, who were selected by a jury of experts headed by stylist Ernesto Esposito, with the intention of offering an overview of emerging talents on the international panorama and a look at new trends in the world of fashion footwear.

Feb 28, 2019
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ANNA BAIGUERAExpertise and materials exclusively of Italian origins, give life to “clothes for the feet”, unique items designed and created for special women who are proud of their femininity.





MAISON ERNEST by Isabelle Bordji

MAISON ERNESTThe Maison with a tradition that is more than one-hundred years old, was taken over in 2012 by the young stylist Isabelle Bordji, who became its artistic director, giving new impetus to a strongly French style with an international appeal.





ADULT. By Raphaële Lenseigne

ADULTCreated by Raphaële Lenseigne, with a degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Anversa, Adult. plays around with freedom and creativity, and gender codes and appearances. A freedom that is also expressed in the sizes, which range from EU size 36 to 46.




ANNIE GESTROEMI by Annie Fabbioni

ADULTItalian know-how is united with graphic cuts and an artistic mood to give life to a bona fide architectural piece meant to be worn. A Made in Italy that looks to constant research on raw materials, with the intent of making each creation a unique product.





MARIE WEBERA casual-experimental style with a young spirit, capable of renewing the traditional line of models through unusual matchings of materials and colours, characterised by a strongly artisanal mood.





SEVEN ALL AROUND by Heesung Choi

SEVEN ALL AROUNDVersatile shapes, conceptual design, and modern materials are mixed into a style that combines aesthetics with function, resulting in a proposal that is perfect for urban daywear.





BALLUTA by Catarina Pedroso

BALLUTADesigned to last over time and be worn every day, Balluta footwear is conceived and produced in Portugal, using traditional techniques and high quality eco-friendly materials that underline the brand’s commitment to sustainability.





PANAFRICA by Vulfran De Richoufft & Hugues Didier

PANAFRICABeautiful and well-made, these sneakers are inspired by the trips taken by the two young designers to the incredible land of Africa. Realised in accordance with a sustainable and virtuous project, a part of all proceeds is destined for projects that provide access to education and professional training in Africa.




Instagram: paoloronga_official

PAOLO RONGALuxury Made in Italy shoes, objects of desire that exalt the gracefulness and femininity of women with a dash of creativity.










ME.LAND by Frédéric Robert

ME.LANDShoes designed in Paris and produced in Italy, are destined for good men with a hidden rebel heart! Collections that revamp the essential with an incredible lightness and a mix of inspirations, materials, and colours.






ANDREA MONDINAfter collaborating with Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, in 2016, Andrea Mondin created his very own brand that highlights Italian artisanal tradition and technical processes (including cutting and draping), with an eye to the world of haute couture.





KING PINGWith decades of experience in the footwear industry, in 2011, Wang created his very own brand that expresses extensive research onto design, art, ergonomics, and the technology of footwear production.

MICAM https://www.themicam.com

MICAM is the most important international exhibition event dedicated to footwear. The event, organized and sponsored by Assocalzaturifici, takes place […]

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