Camperos returns to ItalyThe historic brand of boots, after 20 years of absence, returns as a protagonist in Italy.

Mar 20, 2019
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The re-entry was kicked off in September 2018, with the opening of a showroom in Milan, which was soon joined by three other stores in Rome, Bologna and Naples, with the aim of opening one showroom per region over the next five years. This is the project of Fabio Medas, owner of the Campers Group holding company that heads the brand.
From its re-launching in 2004 to today, Camperos has grown by 229%, and today, it is responsible for 60% of the group’s turnover. The holding is located in South Miami Beach and distributes the brand’s footwear through several flagship showrooms, including 2 in Dubai and 12 in the USA, which will soon be joined by another two in New York.

Camperos are made from Tuscan hides and high quality wood for the soles. The present-day range includes 63 models, with production taking place in the facilities of Acapulco and Cancun in Mexico, the production site in Civitanova Marche, and 2 more facilities in Naples, for luxury boots.  The bags are instead made in Umbria, Calabria and Brianza.
For the future, the Camperos project will be completed by the training programme of the soon-to-be-inaugurated Camperos Academy, which will teach the subjects of fashion, luxury, and make-up to 120 pupils, including 40 with scholarships.

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