Berghen, designed with nature in mindThe shoes of the Belgian brand are able to amaze for maintaining a balance between tradition and innovation, and for the quality of a manufacture made in Europe.

Dec 27, 2018
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648740f8d217ba1635079b1e9dac9c3d595a97d2_belgian-brand-by-a-belgian-team_eng-1903x757Berghen products are very interesting because they perfectly blend tradition and innovation, as only a family-run reality can. The Belgian company’s catalogue is very extensive, covering almost every mountain footwear family. In addition to being produced entirely in Europe and designed by the best Italian specialists, as a guarantee of style, quality and comfort, it also features prominent materials, as well as cutting-edge technologies: Vibram soles, for example, or Berghen® Tex membranes, 100% polyester, water repellent and breathable.

Berghen was founded in 1951 and is now led by the third and fourth generation of entrepreneurs. A long history ensuring the brand to be positioned on the border between tradition and innovation.

Heading towards the heart of nature is what the company philosophy is based on. In the sense of both encouraging the encounter with nature by its customers offering them perfect technical adventure products, or by choosing recycled or environmentally friendly materials.

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