Alpina: 70 years of inspiration

The story of Alpina is based on a passion for footwear, their style and comfort. But also on an ambitious vision that has supported its constant growth over time.

Jul 05, 2018
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From a consortium of small footwear manufacturers to today’s multi branch company, with three production plants located between Slovenia and Bosnia, a network of around one-hundred points of sale in Southern and Eastern Europe, and customers located throughout Europe (and elsewhere). This is the story of Alpina. From Ziri, a small Slovenian village with a long-time footwear manufacturing tradition, to the world, it was one small step that occurred in just under 70 years. Years in which craft workmanship and the know-how of master Slovenian cobblers was used to the company’s advantage in order to create collections that mix a perfect balance of design, quality materials, and absolute comfort.

Worldwide leader in the production of ski-shoes and cross-country boots, today Alpina is known in Europe and around the globe also for its fashion and sports collection of men’s and women’s footwear. Alpina shoes match contemporary design with natural materials and absolute comfort.

Soft and flexible, stable and grip-fast, but also offering a perfect fit: a sophisticated and complete analysis of different foot types has allowed Alpina to develop footwear with graduated shapes, so that everyone is guaranteed a shoe with the right fit. This comfort can be further personalised by adding a control plate (a special inner insole), which allows the fit to be customised.

Situated in the heart of Europe, Alpina can quickly reach its main markets, while operating with flexibility and ensuring maximum control in both production and distribution. The research and development team of experts collaborates with leading European research institutes, using the most advanced CAD-CAM technologies, while conducting quality tests in in-house laboratories to ensure compliance with ISO 9001 quality certification. All these special processes are clearly reflected in the quality of its shoes.

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