Albano arrives in Milan

In April, Albano, the brand of women’s footwear known above all for its lines dedicated to formal occasions, will open a new store in Milan in corso Buenos Aires.

Feb 27, 2019
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The new store will extend across a surface area of 70 square metres, showcasing not only the women’s footwear collections, but also the brand’s lines of apparel and accessories that have been a part of its line-up for the last two years.

Albano, which ended 2018 with a turnover of 15 million euros, exports 50% of its production abroad and especially to the markets of Russia, Greece, and Turkey, where it is already well-established, as well as to markets that are newer to its products like Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Northern Europe, and the USA.

The brand from Casandrino produces around 300 thousand pairs of shoes a year and its product range recently expanded to also include some sneaker lines, which, however, always stay true to the brand’s sense of sophistication.

In Italy, in addition to the store that will soon open in the Lombardy capital, there are other flagship stores in Naples, Rome, and Palermo. Outside of Italy, the stores of Albano can be found in Malta, Tenerife, Tunisia and China.

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