Since 1958, Zago Moulds Solutions has been working to provide safety to the feet. And it does so by blending the ability of expert hands with long-time experience with the most advanced moulding technologies for the footwear industry.

Among the feet that have passed through the hands of the company from Sant'Angelo di Piove (Padua), are those that every day find themselves patrolling the most at risk areas worldwide: individuals working for the Department of Defence, Military and Police all over the world. To guarantee these Departments protection even in the most high-risk areas they might patrol, Zago has designed and produced moulds of maximum quality, which are suited to immediate action in the most adverse conditions. At the same time, they go beyond the minimum safety standards of the sector, while always combining well-being with comfort. 

Zago manufactures six different kinds of moulds: Safety, Trekking, Casual, Outdoor, Military and Boot, all of which are high quality and tested with the highest performance PU, RUBBER-PU; RUBBER-RUBBER and TPU-PU direct injection machines.