“Here’s an idea: what do you think if before we even produce a shoe, we first ask you if you like it? If you do, we will make it in its full unique glory. If you don’t like it? We scrap it”.

This is the innovative concept on which the new platform for the personalised development of the First Pitch shoes by Reebok is based: a new way of approaching the market, while reducing waste, which is kicked off with one of the great classics of the brand, the Beekeeper Classic Leather.

How does First Pitch work? The designers of Reebok present a new model or a revamped model on the platform and allow the public anywhere between 3 to 30 days to commit to it. In this phase, if it is to your liking, it can be pre-ordered: the first to order it will pay 1 dollar, the second 2 dollars, the third 3 dollars, all the way up to arriving at the final price. If we arrive at 500 pairs sold, then the model will be produced, otherwise it will be scrapped. You will then receive it nine weeks later.