A brand that is synonymous with quality and an extremely strong identity, today is present in over 40 countries worldwide with a history that sinks its roots into long-ago 1877 in the Mallorca countryside. However, it is also a brand that has known how to combine tradition and innovation, and which today has a clear focus on 3D printing for streamlining to the maximum extent possible the work of its creative team and artisans, in order to give life to around 500 models every season. In fact, the company at its headquarters in Inca introduced an innovative prototyping technology known as “additive manufacturing”, which allows components to be printed in just one day, creating prototypes that are very close to the final product with both rigid and flexible materials. Thanks to the dual-extruder system, it is possible to use a water-soluble print material for working with more complex geometric shapes and reducing design time, all to the advantage of creativity.