The economic situation presented by the Confindustria Moda Research Centre for Assocalzaturifici highlights a continuing scenario of lights and shadows. Here are the main trends that emerged from the study:
– A record in exports, which exceeded 10 billion euros in value and which can be attributed above all to the driving force of luxury designer labels, as certified by the +27% rise in direct exports to Switzerland, representing by now the first Made in Italy destination, and France, up +9.3% . Together, the two markets represent a third of foreign sales.  

– The drop-off in production, which fell to 178.6 million pairs (-3.1%), reveals the ever-expanding gap between SMEs and luxury brands. As a consequence, 179 sector companies, between the industrial and artisanal segments, went out of business.   

– Russia and CIS: the downtrend of these important markets continues, with Russia falling by -15.3%, Ukraine by -10%, and Kazakhstan by -16%: a trend that has heavy repercussions on the districts most closely tied into these areas like Marches and Emilia Romagna.

– the Middle East is still down, with -9.2% in volume and -7.2% in value.

– the Far East shows an overall positive trend, with China up +9.4% in value and Hong Kong up +2.6% which, together, represent the 6th market in terms of value. There is also double-digit growth for South Korea (+19%), while Japan, despite the entry into force of the EPA free trade agreement, grows by 6.8% in value, but drops-off by -6.7% in quantity.

– In North America, there is a significant increase in export values to the USA (+11%), while in Canada, despite the CETA free trade agreement, there is a less than satisfying +0.5% in value and -8.3% in volume.

– The domestic market is still on standby with the purchases of families dropping-off in quantity (-3.2%) and in value (-2.3%). Only one shoe segment shows positive signs: that of sneakers. Confirming the unfavourable dynamics is also the drop in imports, with -1% in quantities and -3.8% in value.

– Because of the above-described dynamics, the trade balance arrives at a new record of 4.8 billion euros, up +10.3%.



       Il mercato interno è ancora al palo con gli acquisti delle famiglie in calo in quantità (-3,2%) e in valore (-2,3%). Un solo comparto di calzature mostra segni di vitalità: quello delle sneaker. Segno delle dinamiche poco favorevoli è anche la contrazione nelle importazioni, -1% in quantità e +3,8% in valore.


       Per effetto delle dinamiche sopra esposte, il saldo commerciale segna un nuovo record, a quota 4,8 miliardi di euro, +10,3%.