woopy-photo-255-of-453Collections that play around with the most affectionate side of children, while looking with attention also to the theme of woopy-photo-292-of-453well-being and the health of growing feet. With its quality, Woopy footwear reconciles the tastes of children with the demands of parents. Made using the very best materials, with artisanal care and attention to detail, Woopy footwear has capably carved out a role of importance for itself on international markets.

What is the history of the Woopy brand? Produced in Turkey by Ozdemir, a company that claims over forty years of experience in the sector of children’s footwear, Woopy was founded in 2008 with the precise intent of creating footwear that prioritizes the health of the foot with a focus on the latest fashion trends.

Thanks to their unique characteristics and quality, today Woopy shoes are distributed in Russia, the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Greece, New Zealand, UEA, Estonia, Moldavia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cipro, and Azerbaijan… and every year the number of destinations increase.

The adults of the future walk in good health with Woopy shoes on their feet.