At the re-starting blocks of Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags last July, not only many footwear and leather goods companies showed up, but also those who reflect and build the future of automation. A future reality now for the most important technology companies focused on e-commerce, such as Zalando, to name just one, and which could improve the organisational and logistical efficiency of many other companies.
We are talking about Magazino, a robotics company from Munich (Germany). Magazino develops software and builds collaborative robots, able to work alongside and together with people, autonomously, safely and with a level of accuracy in the navigation and handling of goods that “no one has achieved before us”, declares the company from Germany.
Magazino embodies such advanced technologies that it can offer efficient solutions for processes that previously could not be automated, thus creating more flexible intra-logistics solutions.
“Our goal is to take software and artificial intelligence to a higher level – highlights the company from its Munich headquarters. Our robots can be easily and flexibly integrated into existing processes and work quickly and efficiently alongside humans. For example, TORU (the robot that Magazino brought to the fair at Expo Riva Schuh, ed.) takes care of the storage and recovery process of shoe boxes. An intelligent robot, able to perfectly manage even a chaotic warehouse”.