Always projected towards innovation and with its sights set on today’s youths and the future, Voile Blanche (which is part of the Falc S.p.A group) launches a new bio-based and sustainable collection developed using technologies capable of reducing the impact of carbon dioxide emissions by at least one-third when compared to the sector’s standards. The line features two models in a men’s and women’s version: HYBRO CITY, characterised by basic lines inspired by basketball sneakers, and HYBRO RUN, super lightweight running shoes, which are bright and colourful with a sporty spirit.

For less of an impact in terms of carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption, the line uses recycled cotton for the internal parts; fabric for uppers that recreate the effects of leather, but which start from a use of fibre of vegetable origins like apple cores and skins; laces entirely made from recycled PET bottles and other containers that are Global Recycled Standard certified; and vegetable polyols derived from sugar cane as fillers for the sole.

“The fashion industry has always been focused on innovating, and we would like to do so while respecting the environment and the awareness of those who have only the best interests of the planet at heart. With Hybro, Voile Blanche has started down the road for a new future” – confirms Alessandro Bisconti – Brand Manager of Voile Blanche.