A confirmation of themes, materials, and techniques that have shaped the history of Voile Blanche, in a perfect equilibrium between sporty details and contemporary lines, and noble and technical textures, with the addition of a lace with the graphic claim “Voile Blanche 2004 I Am Here. This is Me”. This is how Voile Blanche celebrates its identity in a hyper-globalised world.

The women’s part of the collection proposes sneakers in drummed, glittery, or laminated leathers with nylon inserts and silver details that alternate tartan with shearling, for a completely luxurious sports style.

For men, instead, the collection is inspired by globetrotters, with new outsoles and urban-styled models, in a harmonious mix of elegant elements and sporty details. Leather is matched with ripstop nylon inserts and velour, and pre-washed nylon inserts: materials that fully represent the Voile Blanche identity, which is also underlined by the return of pyramid-shaped rubber injections.

The women’s palette is characterised by delicate and intense colours, pastels, burgundy, and the season’s latest colour trends, while men’s shoes look to a classic palette with military accents and various shades of grey, blue, burgundy, and black.