Starting from the first and iconic Carrarmato sole, Vibram launches its Component project, representing a bona fide innovative system that combines design, experimentation, and a solid heritage style, inspired by low tech and Do It Yourself concepts, in a product that is completely made by hand. The Carrarmato sole, proposed in three different colours and two eco-compounds – Vibram Ecostep EVO (30% recycled rubber) and N-OIL (made with +90% of natural ingredients) – represents the starting point to begin the customisation, which continues with four available kits, each one of which is made up by two uppers and three lace variants for assembly. Personalisation, but also sustainability, which is reflected not only in the packaging but also in the use of an Evolo suede leather upper by the Sciarada tannery that is produced starting from the recovery and regeneration of suede production waste, which is then processed with complete respect for the environment and in accordance with circular economy principles.