The store is located at 205 Mulberry Street, a location that “has that something special similar to Paris’s most famed neighbourhoods. – declared François Morillion, co-founder of VEJA together with Sebastien Kopp. – In this store, we will go beyond retail sales to launch projects we believe in, which will help people connect with one another through interesting and significant initiatives”.
Sebastien and François first fell in love with the NoLita neighbourhood ten years ago while they were exploring New York with friends. Invited into the New York studio of their friend JR, the brand Veja was born in a place that they soon came to love.
As already seen with the Parisian store, also the New York store proposes the values of the brand with a simple, minimal, and sophisticated style that eliminates discards. The project arose from the collaboration with WXY studio’s architect, Paul Van Der Grient, with a focus on natural materials, energy from renewable sources, and unique design elements like the neon of Brazilian artist Kleber Matheus. A video display on the left side of the store’s entrance recounts the history and mission of the brand, demonstrating how a shoe is created, from innovative materials to the ethical and fair wages that are at the heart of Veja’s DNA.
The store, next to the brand’s collections, will also host exhibitions, debates, and activities with a special focus on the themes of transparency, climate, and sustainability.