With a business model that is sustainable from top to bottom – from the raw materials to the individuals in charge of distribution – Veja prefers the buzz of consumers to advertising and has capably demonstrated that it is possible to enjoy success without allowing itself to be conditioned in any way, while taking a completely different approach. A choice that has allowed the brand to grow internationally, while ending up in the very best stores worldwide with its ecological, recycled and recyclable sneakers. At the same time, its online growth has been unstoppable, making it one of the most clicked on brands online.
Today, Veja launches its first flagship store, which is inspired in its concept by the same philosophy used in production. The space of 80 square metres curated by the Parisian architectural studio Ciguë has revamped the materials and processes used in order to give life to a new space. To this end, the team of Ciguë has developed a unique material made from chalk and recycled paper, creating panels that are then used as a backdrop to highlight Veja’s sneakers.
An ecological store, with a minimum use of paints and artificial decorations, has left behind a natural and bare shell of great appeal. At the same time, the brand has chosen to maintain the current façade and wooden floor recently renewed by Parisian designer Raphael Navot. As a final key element, the lighting was conceived by Brazilian artist Kleber Matheus, a master of neon lighting. Instead, in terms of energy, the chosen provider is ENERCOOP, an eco-friendly French electrical company.
With great coherence, Veja celebrates its values with a simple and ecological store.