The commitment promoted by UV Overseas is that of holistic and sustainable growth in the world of footwear. Environmental rules are constantly enforced, including ethical leather and accessory purchases.  The headquarters of both business units are located in Agra, India. Sanjay Dang began his career as a sole trader at a young age and finally founded his own company. Sanjika, his daughter, has followed his path and is committed to providing cutting-edge technology to businesses while also expanding UV Overseas internationally.

Sanjika Dang – Head of Sales of UV Overseas

What are the characteristics of UV Overseas production?
“The company is made of two units: Footwear Inc, which produces TPR soles, and UV Overseas, which produces shoes. Our products are for both men and women and our proposals are leather-only shoes without no synthetic material. We are increasingly moving toward environmentally sustainable solutions in both finished products and manufacturing processes. We aim to reduce pollution by using recyclable materials, renewable energy, and limiting the amount of water we consume. Furthermore, we're currently focusing on the Scandinavian, French, German, and Italian markets, but we'll be heading to Australia next season”.

The trends for next winter?
“In the last years, owing to the pandemic, trends have not developed with the usual rhythms, but what is most visible is a move toward more aggressive looks. Women's shoes have high and thick soles. Combat and biker-style boots are increasingly popular ".

Have you found any significant differences in the markets before and after the pandemic?
"The most significant difference between before and after the epidemic is not in the markets, but in the business.  We used to work considerably more in the store and had direct interaction with customers; now, we primarily operate online, via websites. This change, which happened very swiftly, may be detected in every country”.

What are the biggest challenges you're dealing with at the moment?
"The acquisition of raw materials. Logistics management has become tremendously challenging as a result of the pandemic. Finding the materials or securing them to arrive in time to fulfill the production schedules is difficult. We also have to deal with increased prices”.

Are there any particular problems for the Indian footwear market?
“The epidemic is to blame for the majority of the troubles we're seeing. Because shipments from outside Europe to Europe have become much more complicated, companies who produce in the European market benefit from logistical advantages that the Indian market currently lacks”.

What is your opinion about the Expo Riva Schuh Fair?
“Over the last nine years, we have regularly attended the Riva del Garda fair. Each time has been a beautiful and fruitful experience, and we are grateful to be still here, even though this edition is a little different. It's a fantastic opportunity, and I believe that when the pandemic finally ends, buyers will be even more eager to shop than they were before”.