A strong playful and sustainable mood characterises the new brand of Two Much ‘green’ footwear created in the midst of the pandemic by ‘Sustainable Shoe Designer’ (as he likes to call himself), Flavio Mancuso, in collaboration with the artist Maria Katharina Rauchenberger, known for her optimistic and planet-saving vision of the future and for her art characterised by the solarization of colour. Accordingly, in Tuscany, in the cradle of the very best craft workmanship, art and manual skill meet up to give life to a sustainable product that is capable of replying to an increasing social awareness towards environmental themes, while also expressing the potential and extreme versatility of elastic in a bona fide “stretch lifestyle” at the same time. Elastic accordingly acquires a new value through the parallelism between footwear, fashion, design, and art installation, while women’s footwear is reread in terms of ribbons and stretch materials expressed in vibrant colours that allow, through an atelier construction, for comfort and an innovative and modern elegance. In a sustainable scope, the elastic ribbons used are animal-free, while the insoles are KRAFTON GOLD, DURALITE BEIGE and FSC certified, in accordance with ecological and post-consumer recovery standards.  Moreover, the glue used is solvent-free and the soles are made from ecological leather, which is slowly tanned in drums with a reduced environmental impact. Finally, the packaging is biodegradable and compostable with (FSC Forest Stewardship Council) certification.