A sweet little girl, who in complete confidence and without a hint of fear, offers a furry blue monster her little red shoe: this is the illustration that best interpreted the theme “Try walking in my shoes” of the 24th edition of the Scarpetta d’Oro, the prestigious illustration award promoted by Acrib – the Footwear Section of Confindustria Venezia for the Metropolitan Area of Venice and Rovigo, in collaboration with Politecnico Calzaturiero and Assocalzaturifici.
The illustration is entitled “Shoe Friends” and the author is Paola Rattazzi. Born in Cuneo, but a Turin native by adoption, Paola Rattazzi graduated with top marks from the Istituto Superiore delle Industrie Artistiche in Urbino. With a career of over 15 years in the field of graphics, she then went on in 2011 to dedicate herself exclusively to painting. Between December 2018 and February 2018, she exhibited at the Ema Art Club in the London headquarters of the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products.
Second place was instead taken by Rossella Tauro with the work “A Gift for You”, while third went to Lilia Migliorisi with “That’s a different story”. Lorella Alessandria, author of “Do you feel at the end of your tether?” instead won the “Fondazione Ernesto Esposito” Award.
Next to the section of illustrations, was the area dedicated to storytelling, which saw the participation of elementary and middle schools in the creative writing competition entitled “Heelstruck”. First place went to the IV B Class of “L. Da Vinci” in Vigonovo, which wrote the story “Change is possible”. Finally, “Hold my shoes” by Cristina Bini was the illustration that received the most number of “likes” by the citizens of Riviera del Brenta.
A total of 157 works were entered into the competition: “Scarpetta d’Oro is growing in an extraordinary way. The number of illustrators participating in the contest has risen by 30% in just one year – underlines Silvia Bolla, Vice President of Confindustria Venezia for the Metropolitan Area of Venice and Rovigo – In the meantime, the prestige of the award has also grown, as seen by the extraordinary participation of both Italian and international artists. Moreover, the competition’s roots in the territory have been reinforced thanks to the involvement of students and families. We must continue to cultivate this priceless treasure of inestimable worth, also through farsighted and valuable initiatives like Scarpetta d’Oro”.