joulesss20_whol_mini-me-footwear_cover_245Just like its customers, it is enamoured of the great outdoors, both under the sun and in the rain, perfect for taking long walks, picnicking on the beach, and enjoying carefree luncheons out with family and friends. To show its support of this lifestyle, Tom Joules proposes products that are specifically designed in consideration of its customers’ preferences and the ever-changing seasons. The collections’ colours and fabrics reflect this same spirit, while the quality and details of Tom Joules’ products allow it to stand out from among the ordinary.
For this season, the collection finds inspiration in both the countryside and on the Riviera. In beaches, gardens and fields full of flowers, places that are filled with fond childhood memories and nostalgia, but which are also characterised by the joulesss20_whol_feb_206185_rainwell_red_263unpredictable nature of British weather. The women’s collection includes the much loved Welly rain boots, in both their bestselling and brand new versions, with an eye-catching appeal and in a vast range of heights and widths. There is then Rainwell suited to the entire family, the practical Welly slip-on inspired by the sneaker that adds a touch of colour to every day of rain. A finer look characterises the selection of leather sandals with soft linings in natural leather that ensure comfort and breathability, which is expressed in vivid colours and new fabrics, with meticulous details, for a unique touch. The new espadrilles will be the must-have of the season, with exquisite embroidered details and mini-me styles, but also the “coastline” shoes joining the selection.
The new collection of children’s footwear is perfect for going to school on foot, running around on the weekends, or for daily adventures. Gym shoes for girls have an extra special bright touch with stylish details like zips with tassels. Wellies for girls return with prints, colours, and a style that stands out. Together with slippers and summer shoes, the collection for girls protects feet from both the rain and sun.
For boys, instead, Wellies will be lit up by adventurous prints. The Junior Falmouth returns in a mini-me style, featuring a backdrop of sailboats perfect for the most brilliant summer occasions.
Whatever the weather might hold in store, Tom Joules footwear is ready to face it head on.