A collection of sneakers that is almost completely recycled with uppers, paddings and laces made from materials that are of 100% recycled plastic bottle origins, and soles made of 34% recycled rubber. Extralight with Aerocore Energy shock-absorption system, the Brooklyn EK+ becomes an ally to lovers of the environment and sports.

With Brooklyn EK+, the maple leaf branded company accelerates on the theme of sustainability: “Worldwide, the use of plastic water bottles is on the rise, and many of these end up in our landfills and later in the oceans”, commented Timo Schmidt Eisenhart, President of Timberland EMEA. “As a global community, we need to rethink how we are using our resources. At Timberland, our goal is for 100% of our footwear to have at least one important component made from recycled, organic or renewable materials. Today, we’re at 75% of the total footwear, thanks to models like Brooklyn EK+”.

Today, thanks to its sustainable projects, Timberland has recycled the equivalent of 345 million plastic bottles.