the-north-face-1966-store-opening-photo-credit_-suki-hill_lowOn the occasion of its 50th anniversary, The North Face unveiled its new global campaign called “Question Madness”.
This initiative represents the evolution of the brand that, from its origin as a small shop opened in San Francisco in 1966, has been able to establish itself as a global leader in the outdoor market. Over these five decades, the brand’s commitment to exploration – from the peaks of the Himalayas to the urban landscape – has remained unchanged, and continues to drive the brand’s work across all areas: retail, advertising campaigns and customer relationship.
The stars of the 2016 digital campaign are the athletes who have been part of the brand’s history, finding joy and fulfilment in their extraordinary enterprises, and becoming a source of inspiration for others, encouraging them to put themselves on the test.
Breathtaking images captured from remote places around the world, with much of the footage shot by the athletes themselves while on expedition.