On the occasion of Milano Unica 2023, SBP presented the recently released version of its cloud platform that enables the entire fashion industry (yarn and textile companies, tanneries and garment manufacturers) to monitor, manage and optimise the environmental impact of their business and production processes. An innovative element of the SBP platform is the automation of data collection, processing and organisation activities. The software is, in fact, able to collect and process data in real time from a wide variety of business systems such as ERP, Energy Management system, PLC, IoT and Sensors, providing as output a mix of industrial and sustainability metrics to support strategic choices to reduce consumption, impacts and business costs.

Impact measurement through SBP can be done at different levels. Through the Carbon Footprint calculation, companies can analyse the total CO2 emissions related to Scope 1, 2, 3. Through process life cycle analysis (Process LCA) and product life cycle analysis (Product LCA), SBP also makes it possible to assess the sustainable impact of individual business processes and productions. Finally, the platform provides a supply chain data management service, which enables the efficient collection of information from suppliers.

The platform not only focuses on the environmental performance of the brand, the last piece of the value chain, but supports the entire supply chain through a digital solution that allows all supply chain actors to measure their own performance and to enter a digital ecosystem where data can be used to create synergies and unlock collaborative initiatives to reduce environmental impacts.